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What Is In-Home Care


“Aging in place” are the bywords that refer to people who choose to grow old in their own home.  Senior citizens are living longer and many are choosing to age at home rather than in an institution.  In-home care services allow them to age gracefully and remain independent, safe and confident. They remain at home near family and friends and the things they love best. 

 There are three main categories of in-home care:



Provides personal care and support during recovery from an injury or illness. It includes short-term illnesses; pre and post surgical care such as hip or knee replacement, and respite care (time off for the primary caregiver).





There is a time when the family is arranging a long-term plan and additional help around the house is required. Interim care can reduce the stress associated with the potential decision to enter a facility. Interim care provides the time needed to think through and work out a long-term plan, be it to enter a facility or to age in place at home.





Long-term care plans take two fundamental approaches.  The first choice provides care at home.  The second is to move into a long-term care facility such as a nursing home. 


The former choice has many inherent advantages, such as the emotional security of living in their own home. Staying home is a simpler decision than trying to find a facility that provides the kind of care needed and that suits your loved one.  At home, families can be together and morale is often better.  This category clearly fits the senior who has no interest in moving out of his or her home.


Additionally, in some circumstances a long-term care plan can include support supplemental to that provided by a facility. Many people use our services to provide the extra bit of care they prefer for their loved one who is in-community.


  The Caregivers from There’s No Place Like Home are the ideal answer for seniors and others who aren't ready to leave their home, but because of health or chronic conditions need assistance in order to remain at home.

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